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1.          Early retirement is possible with rental properties

2.          Is it better to Invest Money in Real Estate or the Stock Market?

3.          How Much money can you make from rental properties?

4.          How much Money will you need to buy a rental property?

5.          How much risk is involved with rental properties?

6.          What happens if property values decline?

7.          Is now a good time to invest, or are we in a housing bubble?

8.          Should You Invest in Rental Properties?

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Section II: Your first steps to take towards buying a rental property

9.          The top ways to invest in real estate

10.        Who do you listen to when investing in Real Estate

11.        How can you Save Enough Money to Buy a Rental Property

12.        Resources for investors

13.        How REIA Meetings can help you succeed as an investor

14.        Are you paying too much for your personal house?

15.        Is wholesaling a good way to start investing?

16.        How Can College Students Invest in Real Estate Without a lot of Money?

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Section III: The basics of buying a rental property

17.        Should you Pay Cash or get a Loan when Purchasing Investment Properties?

18.        How do you determine the Cash on Cash Return on Rental Properties?

19.        Is it Better to Invest in Commercial or Residential Real Estate?

20.        How Much Money do you need for Reserves on Rental Properties?

21.        Why I invest in Single-family Rental Properties

22.        How do you know if you are buying a Rental Property in a Good Neighborhood?

23.        How to avoid getting burned by repairs on your rental property

24.        How to protect your assets when purchasing rental properties

25.        Should You Put Rental Properties in an LLC?

26.        How to Increase Cash Flow on Rental Properties

27.        Do not count on your rental property to appreciate as an exit strategy

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Section IV: My Rental Properties

28.        Rental Property #1

29.        Rental property number 2

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Section V: How to Buy Properties below Market Value

30.        How to determine the market value

31.        How accurate are Zillow Prices?

32.        How to buy below market value properties off the MLS

33.        Where to find a great deal on an investment property

34.        How to make an offer once you find a great deal

35.        How to win a multiple offer situation

36.        Buying a HUD home

37.        How to Get a Great Deal on a Short Sale

38.        What to Expect when buying a foreclosure

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Section VI: How to Work with Real Estate Agents

39.        How to Find a Great Realtor

40.        Should you work with one Realtor or multiple Realtors?

41.        How Can an Investor get a Real Estate Agent to find them a Great Deal?

42.        Why You Should Become a Real Estate Agent if You Want to Invest in Rental Properties

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Section VII: What to do after you buy a property

43.        How to repair investment property

44.        How to rent a home

45.        How to Find a Great property manager

46.        How to Find a Great Contractor to Fix Your Home

47.        How to Make Sure the Contractor you Hire Will do a Great Job Repairing Your Home

48.        Should you use a contractor to repair a fix and flip or do the work yourself?

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Section VIII: Financing your rental properties

49.        How hard is it for an investor to qualify for a mortgage?

50.        Different loan option for rental properties and fix and flips

51.        How to buy a rental property with less upfront cash

52.        What loans allow you to buy a property for little money down?

53.        Is a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) or a Cash Out Refinance Better?

54.        Should you get a 15 or 30-year Loan When Buying Rental Properties?

55.        How to Finance more than Four Properties

56.        How to find a portfolio lender

57.        What Type of Mortgage is best?

58.        How to Refinance an Investment Property

59.        How to obtain a line of credit

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Section IX: Advanced financing and buying strategies

60.        Fix and Flip versus Buy and Hold strategy

61.        Snowball Method

62.        How to sell real estate without paying taxes!

63.        Investing in and Repairing Long-Distance Rental Properties

64.        How to buy turnkey rental properties

65.        How to do your due diligence on turnkey rentals

66.        How Does a 1031 Exchange Work with Rental Properties?

67.        How Can Investors Use a Self-Directed IRA to Invest in Real Estate?

68.        How to Sell a House for the Most Money

69.        How to Make One Million Dollars Investing in Real Estate

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Section X: Running a team

70.        Delegation and hiring good people is the key to success in business

71.        Is it Smart to Work or Invest with Friends and Family?

72.        Manage Your Time Better

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Section XI: Positive attitude and goal setting

73.        How the Law of attraction changed my life

74.        How to be as positive as possible

75.        A positive attitude how buying a house went perfect

76.        A positive attitude how selling a house went perfect

77.        Making big goals will help you get farther in life; my goals

78.        How Many Rental Properties do you need to Retire?

79.        My Plan to Purchase 100 Properties

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Section XII: Commercial Real Estate!

80.        Commercial Real Estate

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