AMA Structure - READ FIRST!

Welcome to the InvestFourMore Insider AMA! Here, you can ask Mark any question you want.

When: There will be an AMA each week on Friday. We will open up each AMA as soon as the previous one has closed, so you can submit your questions ahead of time. Mark will spend 30-45 minutes answering questions between 10 AM and 2 PM Mountain Standard Time (GMT-7) the day of the AMA.

Format: Submit your questions by commenting on the appropriate AMA lecture below. Past AMAs will be locked once completed. If there are too many questions to answer in one sitting, Mark will focus on the questions that are most commonly asked or interest him the most, saving the rest for the next month. If your question does not get answered, feel free to post it again next month.

We are currently testing out Teachable for doing our AMAs, but if we may switch to another platform for the AMA portion of the I4M Insider in the future if needed.