Mastermind Events

In-person 2-day events with Mark Ferguson and his team!

Let's build your business together in a small group environment.

4 events per year! Pick your date.

InvestFourMore Mastermind Events

Live and in person.

  • 2 days of intense focus on real estate, investing, and business.
  • Property and business tours.
  • Dinner and lunch events.
  • Networking with like minded investors and business owners.

Join me in my office in Greeley, Colorado!

Mastermind agenda

Hosted by Mark Ferguson and his team.

  • Tour of properties
  • Networking dinner and lunches
  • Analyzing each attendee's business in order to improve it
  • Presentations on deals, financing, and remodeling
  • Touring of businesses Mark owns and runs

For each ticket purchased, I will donate $500 to charity.


Come see everything we do. It will be in Greeley where my office is so I can show you the flips we have going, rentals, businessess and tour some of our projects.

One of the best things I have ever done is attend a similar mastermind which opened my eyes up to many things I could do better. There were some obvious things I needed to be doing better but I was blind to them because I was immersed in my work. I also met some awesome investors and business owners who I am still friends with today.

Build your business, your real estate empire, and your future

There will be a limit of 10 people so everyone has plenty of time to share their goals and plans. Together we will brainstorm ways to improve your investing, business, or even career and I will be brutally honest. I will go over any topic the group wants to talk about with no details spared. I can't talk about everything on soical media or YouTube but I can in these private settings.

I will have training sessions on financing, finding deals, and construction management as well. There is a lot jam packed into to days.


The cost is $4,500 per person.

Meals are included, but you will be responsible for your own travel and lodging expenses.

If you have any questions, please email me at [email protected]. There are discounts available if you want to attend multiple sessions as well. If a spouse or business partner wants to attend there may be discounts available as well.

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